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Wheel Alignment

These are the steps we take to ensure your car has perfect wheel alignment.

1. First we fit the measuring points to the rear wheels and the center line scales to the front wheels, then switch the lasers on.
2. We then check that the number shown on the laser line on the scales reads the same on both scales.
If they are different then the Toe at the rear will need adjusting in order to correct any thrust angle deviation.
3. We then read the Toe scales so we can calculate the rear Toe. We need to remember that when the heads are reversed the reading will read the opposite way.
Therefore ‘Toeing-in’ (front of the wheel pointing away from the centerline of the vehicle) will now become ‘Toeing-out’ (is the front of the wheel pointing towards the centerline of the vehicle). We then adjust the rear axle to the correct settings and finish with the two center line scales reading the same. Rear adjustment is now finished.
4. Now we fit the measuring heads to the front wheels and fit the center line scales to the rear wheels. We will calculate and adjust using the same procedure as the rear of the vehicle. The heads are now the correct way around so the reading will read correctly.
5. We can then check all Toe and thrust angle readings when standing under the vehicle.

The wheel alignment process - click to enlarge 

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