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Vehicle Servicing

How often should you have your car serviced?
To keep within the manufacturers warranty you must adhere to the manufacturer service schedule for the make and model of the car to ensure that the car is maintained to a safe and reliable condition.

When you take your car into a garage they will run through a checklist of more than 60+ checks. This will depend upon the make, model, age and mileage of the vehicle.
To maintain the original manufacturer's warranty the service schedule must be adhered to.

If the car is no longer covered under the manufacturers warranty, we design our own service schedule, which generally matches the following five categories:

1. Oil And Filter Change
Probably the most important thing when looking after your car is regular oil and filter changes and these are included in all services.
It ensures that your car continues to run smoothly and protects the parts within the engine.

2. Interim Service
When we do an interim service it includes an oil and filter change and visual inspection.
We also check the fluids in the washer, brake fluid, anti-freeze, steering fluid.
We also check the brakes and other guidelines so we can inform you of any additional work your car may need. 

3. Full Service
Our full service includes the basic service plus further checks as per an MOT to ensure the car is in a safe condition.
We will advise you if the car is in need of any further repair work.

4. Major Service
Our major service covers everything in our full service, but includes changing plugs and fuel filters (if required) and will inform you of any wear/service items that may need your attention.
This service will depend upon the manufacturer service so will vary dependant upon the make of your car.

5. Manufacturer's Service
A manufacturer service price, confirmed at the point of booking, should be bespoke to your car. It should include all wear/service/maintenance items your car needs.

Our Vehicle Service Check List
Fault Diagnosis
Instruments/Warning Lamps
Interior Lamps
Front Wiper Blades
Front Screen Wash
Rear Wiper Blade
Rear Screen Wash
Headlight Wash
Instrument Panel
Direction Indicators
Hazard Indicators
Headlight Levelling
Engine Oil Leaks
Engine Oil Level And Quality
Engine Oil Filter
Manual Transmission Oil
Steering Joints
Steering Rack
Steering Column Couplings 
Suspension Joints
Drive Shaft Joints
Chassis And Body Nuts/Bolts
Road Springs
Shock Absorbers/Mountings
Brake Pipe Corrosion
Fuel Tank Leakage
Fuel System Leakage
Road Wheels
Front Brake Pads
Front Brake Discs
Rear Brake Pads
Rear Brake Discs
Rear Brake Drums/Linings
Parking Brake Cables Linkages
Brake Hydraulic System 
Parking Brake
Brake Flexible Hoses
Tyre Condition
Tyre Pressures
Battery Electrolyte Level
Battery Condition/Specific Gravity
Brake Fluid Reservoir
Clutch Fluid Reservoir
Power Steering System
Engine Coolant Level/Anti-freeze Strength 
Coolant/Heater Hoses
Auto Transmission Level
Air Filter
Auxiliary Drive Belts
Air Conditioning
Engine Electric Cooling Fan
Central Locking System
Vehicle Locks/Hinges 
Road Wheel Nuts/Bolts
Bonnet Latch And Lock
Steering Free-Play
Clutch Operation
Vehicle Suspension Operation
Engine Performance

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