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Car Diagnostics Explained
We will use our diagnostic equipment to identify an issue or to locate the problem if you have reported one.
With our advanced diagnostic tools we are able to see if there are any recorded problems. Our computerized equipment has special software written to access your on-board computer system.
This is where your vehicle will record any problems are monitor any faults and log them on the computer.
Diagnostic tests are extremely valuable and helps us spot problems early, helping us to figure out what is wrong and the best way to carry out the repair work.

This is how it works
Most cars nowadays have computer control units and sensors that we can link up via our central hub to the computer. Once we have run the tests we can analyse the fault codes which have been generated and stored in the system.
These computers, in most vehicles are located underneath the dash, in modern vehicles they have a 16 pin data port under the driver side of the dash to allow us to link up to the system. There are a number of control units which are specific to certain systems, for example the brakes, suspension, or engine management.
They take regular readings and compare them to known values stored within the control unit. The unit will then record the codes for each of the sensors or components if the values register outside of the expected values.

These Diagnostic Trouble Codes are then download and interpreted by one of our technicians.
By understanding the codes we can diagnose the problem really quickly and accurate. This reduces the time for finding the problem and obviously help in keeping the costs down. These results really help solve the problems but we always rely on out mechanics in depth knowledge to make the final decisions.
We think diagnostic tests should be run once a year with your annual service unless you notice any of your warning lights are on or you notice something wrong in the way your car is handling or you hear any unusual sounds.

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